Chip or Swipe?

To Chip or Not to Chip.  That is the question.

Are you curious about why you have to swipe at some stores or use the chip at others each time you go to pay? Take a look at this very informative article from the Washington Post about the new EMV regulations - Click Here for Article on Washingpost.com.

For Merchants, EMV compliance means the liability of that transaction does not solely fall on you.  There is urgency for merchants to become EMV compliant as soon as possible so that the acquirer who handles your processing account is held more responsible for the liability of each transaction.

For consumers, the data transmitted in a chip transaction is dynamic data, meaning it changes each time you use your card.  Swipe transactions transmit static data that does not change, therefore making it much easier for a scammer to create a fraudulent card and steal your account information.

Please contact Calibr for more information about becoming EMV Compliant, or with any questions regarding these new regulations and chip cards.  We would love to help you be a more educated consumer or merchant.