9 out of 10 merchants are over-paying for their merchant services.
We’ll help you optimize your payment processing and save up to 30% on fees.

Calibr Merchant Solutions partners with companies of all sizes to find the most cost efficient & relevant credit card processing solutions.









"The personal connection, the care, and the INSIGHT that Calibr delivers is unparalleled! Your company actually THOUGHT about my business, what would work best for me and helped me make decisions that would make me more money."

Marie, founder & Marketing director, @Revenue

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In today's fast-moving digital world, the credit card processing industry is changing rapidly, and businesses need a reliable resource and advocate.

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Through a network of global partners, Calibr provides clients with solutions to help them grow today, and get them where they want to be tomorrow.


What are your rates?  

9 out of 10 merchants are over-paying for their merchant services.  Calibr traditionally has been able to save clients 15-30% on average on their payment processing fees.  Just like any industry there are hard costs or costs that don’t shift. We want to give pricing we can stand behind, so to truly do that we would need  a couple months worth of processing statements to give you a clear apples to apples analysis.

How do I know you aren’t going to up your rates like my last processor?

Unlike other processors, we guarantee that the portion above the industry hard cost will never increase.  (That is our rate above the industry established interchange rates that can vary from time to time.) Inversely, we do review each account after 6 months and sometimes will decrease our rate based on factors like increases in processing volume or referrals.  We operate on a wholesale pricing platform that enables a very transparent pricing structure.

How long does it take to get up and running?

Typically we can have an account up and running in under a week, as long as we have the appropriate documentation at time of submission.

Who do I call if I need help?

You will have your agent's direct company line and cell phone number for any of your questions or needs.  The Calibr company line rings directly to a Calibr manager 24 hours a day. We also have 24/7 support with all of our processing partners for emergency technical support.



We strive to become subject matter experts on your company’s needs.  By developing a strategy for your business that is relevant to your company, productivity, profitability and efficiency will increase exponentially.


We adapt and change with you as your company diversifies and grows.  We maintain solid relationships with our processing partners to ensure we are providing your business with the best solutions possible at a competitive rate.


We work alongside you.  Our primary goal is to create a successful, long term business relationship that fosters open communication, transparency and honesty.  We will not sell you a product or service that you do not need.  We want your business to thrive.


We stay up to date on the industry’s best solutions and innovations. We understand that the technological world is ever-changing and progressing, and we want to help your business maintain a competitive edge.

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