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Calibr was extremely helpful in showing us how we could reduce our processing costs and helped us implement the new program. Not only do we see significant savings each month, but we also get our funds deposited much quicker and the reporting is so easy to use.

Teri, CEO, American Precision Supply

Calibr Merchant Solutions has really stepped up and provided excellent customer service to my organization. From set up to ongoing support, they have been quick to respond and also provide a personalized experience. I believe that Calibr cares about the success of my organization and takes the time to customize their support based on my organization's needs. They took the time to explain all aspects of my new merchant account and really took the guesswork out of credit card processing.

Eileen, Chamber of Commerce

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"The personal connection, the care, and the INSIGHT that Calibr delivers is unparalleled! Your company actually THOUGHT about my business, what would work best for me and helped me make decisions that would make me more money."

Marie, founder & Marketing director, @Revenue


"We really appreciate Calibr in part because they are so different from typical credit card processing companies. They are authentic and really focus on relationship and long term trust with their customers. They are transparent and quick to take the high road when it comes to industry practices. Ray is very honest and engages in high trust business practices even when it adversely affects Calibr. They take their customer service and relationship with their customer very seriously. I would definitely recommend them!"

Scott, Retail operations director

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CALIBR favicon white bkg-01.png

"Raymond and his team know far more about their industry than the average provider. The commitment to excellence and more importantly fairness is second to none. Despite a low bar in the industry, Calibr is committed to superiority as opposed to slightly better. I strongly recommend Calibr's team."

Jim, founder & ceo, @revenue